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Cake and Food Photography Backgrounds


Backgrounds help in elevating the picture and setting the image (Composition). It will set the tone of the story you are trying to capture. It will help balance your picture with any props you would like to use with. Malkia Creative Media has come up with these 4 backdrops that can be used for food photography and also product photography they are durable and can be wiped clean with water and cloth.


Type: Canvas Matte Finish

One Sided

Size Available

A2 – KSHS 1500

A1 – KSHS 2000

A0 – KSHS 4000

Exclusive of Delivery Charges


Blue Wood Replica

White Wood Replica

Flower Power

Water Colour

Sample Photos:

Food and Product Photography Backgrounds


In order to make sales, it is crucial to plan a marketing strategy that will increase sales and revenue for your business. A marketing plan can include social media, door to door sales, word of Mouth, TV and Radio adverts, billboard and etc. Once you understand your target audience, you will be able to find a marketing strategy that will assist in creating a smooth sale. But as we advance in technology Social Media has become the easy Marketing strategy, less costly but requires a lot of work. Social Media marketing can be done at a fraction of a cost. Nowadays most businesses start with have social media platforms and growing their marketing plan as they go.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is very crucial stage; it can really make a difference in your business. A social media platform that has all the information about products, menu and etc. will boost sales drastically. There so many resources online on how to build a vibrant and effective social media page. If you have quality products + good customer service + packaging, having a social media will help tell your customers all the good qualities of your business. One of the key areas is having good photos; Malkia Creative Media has worked with a lot of clients on creating pictures for social Media pages. One of the most common issues is getting good backgrounds for photos.


Backgrounds help in elevating the picture and setting the image (Composition). It will set the tone of the story you are trying to capture. It will help balance your picture with any props you would like to use with. Malkia Creative Media has come up with these 8 backgrounds that can be used for food photography and also product photography they are durable and can be wiped clean with water and cloth.


Type: Canvas Matte Finish

One Sided

Price each

A2 – KSHS 1500

A1 – KSHS 2000

A0 – KSHS 4000


Wood Replica

Black Box

White Marble with Gold Streaks

Pink Marble with Gold Streaks

Black and White Lines

Rough Texture

Gold Texture

Marble Replica

Sample Photos:

Photography Tips For Online Businesses 3

Photography Tip 3

When you are creating themes for your social media, one of the major decisions is your photos. How do you want your photos to be? You can think of them in terms of backgrounds, what background do you want your product to be against. Choose a background that will make your product stand out, and also add an element to your creativity. Each background can display, an element of your product as well. Backgrounds include white background (white Manila paper) , material, printed patterns and etc. it’s all about your creativity and what you need to do to sell your products.


Photography Tip 3 Sample Photo

You can use different backgrounds to bring out your products, in this photo a kitenge was used because of the colourfull colours and the watch being black. It helps bring out the elements of the watch. Be creative in your background and make sure it aligns with your theme of your product and social media.

Photography Tips For Online Businesses 4

Photography Tip 4

Having an online business is tough, trying to reach customers is actually harder because trying to get an attention of someone who is constantly bombarded with information from different social media channels. Hence it is important for your social media pages to stand out. One of the ways is using props when you take pictures of your products. Things that will add flavour to your post. It will catch the attention of someone. Photography props include box, materials, flowers and etc. Use creativity to create a good image.


Photography Tip 4 Sample Photo

Here is an example fake flower bouquet used to create a beautiful placement for the body spray. Because the spray is pink, it was also ideal to use pink flowers. You can also use fresh flowers as props to create a good image.

Photography Tips For Online Businesses 2

Photography Tip 2

By Definition: Composition in photography can be defined as positioning the objects in the frame in such a way that the viewer’s eye is automatically drawn to the most interesting or significant area of the capture.

Before you take a photo, look at how your setting is? Does it make a statement? Or does it confuse your client. It is important to assure all your products are aligned and appeal to your customers. The way the photo is composed will make your client stop and contact for purchase.


Photography Tip 2 Sample Photo

Composing your photo is simple, what do you want to stand out? How are you arranging your props and background? It’s how the overall picture looks like. With this minimal photo, the way the shoes is arranged where it is the only element in the photo which makes it stand out.


Photography Tips For Online Businesses

Photography Tip 1

Starting a business is tough, especially online business because you don’t have a permanent store it is very hard for people to trust you. Online business needs courage and determination because you will face many challenges. But for customers to trust you, they need to see your focus and determination by the way you are handling the social media channel. Things they look at is; do you respond on time? Do they have to DM for price, is your page attractive? Is your pictures what you deliver? These issues will either make your business or kill it.

So when you are building your online presence for your business, think of using photography to attract customers. Think of ways to make your page pop-up, and you can use your phone for this photos. Create a theme for your page that you prefer and create a social media page that will let customers choose your products easily and actually order from you.


Photography Tip 1 Sample Photo


Create photos that show your products to your customers, so they know what they are actually purchasing. Its hard to make a decision from pictures that are not the actual product but a picture from online search. The pictures can also show your end product, like this pictures shows the product brand, the actual product (facial mask powder) in the wooden spoon and the end product which is the face mask mixed in a wooden bowl.


Over Coffee: Knowing your value as a creative

The return of Over coffee on Saturday 26th was a great afternoon spent with friends and fellow creatives. The discussion was circled around value and knowing your worth. Thank you kelvyne and O’neal for spearheading the conversation. They asked questions like “Do you believe in your own content?” “How do you evaluate yourself?” and “why do you do the thing you?”. They engaged creatives on matter on creating content, delivering products and why Mombasa creatives still struggle. It was an engaging afternoon.

At the end of the day, to succeed it depends on you. Knowing your value as a creative, putting your value as you are worth. Pricing and pitching depends on yourself, and no one should put a number on your art or skill. Because you know how much time you have put in your art or skill, the effort and knowledge you have invested in. You have to stand up for yourself, because you know your worth. It is high time we stop the “Nairobi narrative” and work on our skills as Mombasa creatives. Where do we want to see ourselves? Do we deliver quality work? Why do we undercut each other?

Over coffee will be a monthly event to tackle this issues in Mombasa, to hold each other accountable and help each other grow as creatives in Mombasa.

Thank you Perlexy for capturing the moments.

Over Coffee: Creating an online Presence

Creating an online presence requires you understanding what branding is about and what you can do to create a brand that stands out. Our second Over Coffee was on Saturday 16th March at MombasaWorks. Our speakers Nadia Naddy (Fierce Lady NetworkDJ Lenium KE and Farhana Obersondiscussed about Branding, PR and using social media to build your brand. Each speaker gave an insight on what has worked for them in building their own brands. Today, your online presence should reflect on your offline brand as well. Consider working on the quality of your service/product and then make sure your brand stands out in the type of marketing you do. At the end of the day you have to understand what will work for you and be consistent in building your brand.
Thank you to our sponsors Mombasa Cement Limited and Imani Collectivefor making this event successful. Thank you to all those who booked and attended the event.
Thank you Peca outside/inside catering and event services for the wonderful snacks.
Photos by Perlexy Photography



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