Food and Product Photography Backgrounds


In order to make sales, it is crucial to plan a marketing strategy that will increase sales and revenue for your business. A marketing plan can include social media, door to door sales, word of Mouth, TV and Radio adverts, billboard and etc. Once you understand your target audience, you will be able to find a marketing strategy that will assist in creating a smooth sale. But as we advance in technology Social Media has become the easy Marketing strategy, less costly but requires a lot of work. Social Media marketing can be done at a fraction of a cost. Nowadays most businesses start with have social media platforms and growing their marketing plan as they go.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is very crucial stage; it can really make a difference in your business. A social media platform that has all the information about products, menu and etc. will boost sales drastically. There so many resources online on how to build a vibrant and effective social media page. If you have quality products + good customer service + packaging, having a social media will help tell your customers all the good qualities of your business. One of the key areas is having good photos; Malkia Creative Media has worked with a lot of clients on creating pictures for social Media pages. One of the most common issues is getting good backgrounds for photos.


Backgrounds help in elevating the picture and setting the image (Composition). It will set the tone of the story you are trying to capture. It will help balance your picture with any props you would like to use with. Malkia Creative Media has come up with these 8 backgrounds that can be used for food photography and also product photography they are durable and can be wiped clean with water and cloth.


Type: Canvas Matte Finish

One Sided

Price each

A2 – KSHS 1500

A1 – KSHS 2000

A0 – KSHS 4000


Wood Replica

Black Box

White Marble with Gold Streaks

Pink Marble with Gold Streaks

Black and White Lines

Rough Texture

Gold Texture

Marble Replica

Sample Photos:

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