Photography Tips For Online Businesses 3

Photography Tip 3

When you are creating themes for your social media, one of the major decisions is your photos. How do you want your photos to be? You can think of them in terms of backgrounds, what background do you want your product to be against. Choose a background that will make your product stand out, and also add an element to your creativity. Each background can display, an element of your product as well. Backgrounds include white background (white Manila paper) , material, printed patterns and etc. it’s all about your creativity and what you need to do to sell your products.


Photography Tip 3 Sample Photo

You can use different backgrounds to bring out your products, in this photo a kitenge was used because of the colourfull colours and the watch being black. It helps bring out the elements of the watch. Be creative in your background and make sure it aligns with your theme of your product and social media.

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