Over Coffee: Knowing your value as a creative

The return of Over coffee on Saturday 26th was a great afternoon spent with friends and fellow creatives. The discussion was circled around value and knowing your worth. Thank you kelvyne and O’neal for spearheading the conversation. They asked questions like “Do you believe in your own content?” “How do you evaluate yourself?” and “why do you do the thing you?”. They engaged creatives on matter on creating content, delivering products and why Mombasa creatives still struggle. It was an engaging afternoon.

At the end of the day, to succeed it depends on you. Knowing your value as a creative, putting your value as you are worth. Pricing and pitching depends on yourself, and no one should put a number on your art or skill. Because you know how much time you have put in your art or skill, the effort and knowledge you have invested in. You have to stand up for yourself, because you know your worth. It is high time we stop the “Nairobi narrative” and work on our skills as Mombasa creatives. Where do we want to see ourselves? Do we deliver quality work? Why do we undercut each other?

Over coffee will be a monthly event to tackle this issues in Mombasa, to hold each other accountable and help each other grow as creatives in Mombasa.

Thank you Perlexy for capturing the moments.

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